GrowthCamp: Actionable Steps to Increase Revenue

18 Jan 2018 (Thur) | 2pm - 5pm | Komune, Bangsar South

*Free tickets are limited

Therine Goh COO AdEasy

Are you looking to grow your revenue this year? Doing the right things is not enough. You have to do the right things, in the right order, at the right time.

In the age of Google, we can easily search for tips and strategies. But the problem is, we are learning things in a fragmented manner. We are not even sure if we are doing things right.

If you want a systematic way to grow your revenue, come spend 3 hours with us.


1. Benchmark your marketing plan with how large companies construct theirs. Pick up valuable tips along the way.

2. Stand out from your competitors by understanding the latest branding trends.

3. Learn how digital strategies are applied to real businesses, with real results. We promise you actionable steps, without all the fluff.

Therine Goh

Therine Goh
COO & Co-Founder at AdEasy

"Putting Together a Marketing Plan for SMEs"

  • Learn what a marketing plan consists of
  • Description and examples of each element in a marketing plan
  • How to adapt big companies' marketing plans to your SME
Silmyi M Sadek

Silmyi M. Sadek
Chief Geek, Founder, Brand Geeks Inc

"Unleash Your Brand Power with 5 Trends for 2018"

  • Understand what are the likely trends in branding and marketing for 2018
  • Connect these trends to your business growth
  • Explore various tools/apps/platforms for branding and marketing suitable for SMEs
Kenny Phang

Kenny Phang
Head, Digital Marketing, TM Info-Media

"Transforming Biz into Digital Powerhouses"

  • How to embrace digital transformation
  • Why building the local brand is important
  • A digital solution just for you


Free tickets are limited

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